Genuine Birthstone Silver Rough Diamond Necklace

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This gorgeous one-of-a-kind fine diamond solitiare silver necklace features a beautiful rough diamond april birthstone in a unique silhouette, encased in brushed sterling silver.

With their natural, organic feel and distinctive design, these impressive pieces give a modern twist on the classic diamond necklace. As seen in our images, each diamond is utterly unique, and will differ in size, shape, colour and texture - this is why they are so special!

This organic and natural diamond piece is not a perfect diamond slice, each diamond will be cut differently to the image shown and therefore, each shape will be slightly different (some a bit more round, some angular etc). Please note that this pendant will come with internal imperfections which add to the uniqueness of the product and enhance its organic design - these are not faults, and we believe they make each piece even more special and add to their inherent charm.