Silver Hexagonal Pave Topaz Birthstone Earrings

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Truly striking and unique, these ornate stylised double stud earrings use nano stone setting technology and versatile design make these fashion-forward pieces.

Inspired by all things industrial, mechanical and Steampunk, they are a romantic take on the trend – a fusion of old, new and the extra-ordinary!

A nod to catwalk trends, designer fashions and crafted from sterling silver, these are lovingly plated with ruthenium, and are pave set with delicate precious white topaz stones that glint beautifully in the light.

Ruthenium (or black gold as it is often called) is part of the platinum family. With its ebony appearance and metallic sheen, it's an eye catching and contemporary twist on traditional precious metal finishes - sleek, contemporary and fashion forward.

Also available in plain sterling silver.

Can be worn with the bolt effect, or with the large stud alone.